I’m not afraid of love.

Sometimes, I wish we weren’t in love in the first place.

I never really regret how “us” started; a fateful, unarranged meeting of two pairs of eyes that never met before. To keep it short, it was a perfect prologue to any love story. I appreciated your presence, although previously, that’s because I was in a state of a crippling loneliness. But then, as time passed, something inside of me started to learn to appreciate your presence just because it was there–I no longer needed a reason to fall for you.

Regardless, even though my feelings were outside of my control, I had to be ready to give up on you. And when the time was right, you came to me and remind me how things between us could get even better. I squeezed out every bit of courage to stop you mid-sentence, and said,

“But you don’t want to be with me. I’ll just end up hurting you.”

In all honesty, you should’ve taken my advice and let me be, for words that came from someone who lacked the confidence of a heart that’s never been broken are often wise. A person like that could never return something as delicate and pure as love without a catch. You could try, but it’s a waste; because you could never change their past, and you’ll just grow to hate it, eventually.

Maybe, I’m not afraid of love. But I am afraid of not being loved back.

So, the next time you hear those words, save yourself, and run.


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