Drifting Off

Imagine if we can have what we want
Will you put me away?
The destructive kind of thought at 3am

As the night quickly falls
I say goodbye to the darkness
A familiar voice heard elsewhere
“I’ll wake you up in the morning”
Your 10pm is just my beginning

Imagine if we can have what we want
Will I still wake up tomorrow?
I’ll leave at 12am without leaving anything behind

It should be safe here
You’re crying but I should be safe here
Forgetting that 1am confession
“I need someone to understand me”
Nobody is awake at this hour.

Imagine if we can have what we want
Will you wish for a good night’s sleep?
Even the person next to you is somewhere else

Imagine if we can have what we want
Will you turn the clock backwards?
The side effect of staying up until 3am

Is enough to make me wish for what I can’t have.

Supposedly it’s about being stuck with a thought of something in the past, but you can interpret it the way you want.

3D Complex

I see that everything else is better than me
That I’m starting to avoid the world existing within mirrors
Even if they’re broken, even if they’re wronged
They’re in perfect form.

It’s beginning to sicken me, turning my stomach as a whole
I wanna throw it all up but it’s no use.
I wanna scream it out of my system, but it’ll just show
How ugly it is to have this biological instinct.

Please, please
Just make it disappear from my senses.
I don’t need you to remind me.

They’re still better than me.
We are both lonely, used, wasted, monopolized
And being cheated and forced to live in such a messed up world of yours
Yet they’re in perfect form.

The rainbow-colored scene, with its unrealistic ideals
Isn’t it better? If it’s made slightly different from our world
But didn’t you say it’s even better? The more it differs, the reflection
How ugly it would’ve been if it’s realistic.

Please, please
It’s impossible for me to disappear from this world
Don’t remind me that I can never be them.

Your choice of pixels over cells
Imaginative indulgence
The satisfying satisfaction it brings

Please, please
My flawed form of dissolving warmth
Don’t let it go, even if it’s just a memory.

Note: It’s still a WIP, and well I’ll just give a short insight of the meaning; it’s about a person with inferiority complex! Against who? Or what? Let’s leave it at that!

Random thoughts of a lonely person.

I’m not afraid to walk alone.
I’m just afraid that wherever I go,
people won’t understand me.

I’m not afraid of dying alone.
But I’m afraid that people will forget me,
when I’m finally gone.

I’m not afraid to shut myself in.
I’m afraid nobody will dare to find me,
even if I leave the door slightly open.

I never said I’m afraid to open up,
But I’m afraid people will prefer it if I don’t.

ソレイユ (Soleil) by TravoltaP – Indonesian Lyrics

Hello again, cakewielder signing in! So originally a couple days ago, I received a request from one of TraViSubs’ subscribers, but it turned out I chose the wrong song to translate ;w; although I think the song that I *wrongly* translated was a lovely one, hence I felt the need to post it here. Anyhow here goes the Indonesian lyrics, enjoy!

Dewa kematian dengan matanya yang sayu pun berbicara
“Apakah kamu yang akan menyelamatkan ku?”

Dia menanggung rasa sakit dari kegelapan yang tidak pernah Ia minta
Bahkan penampilannya pun tidak pantas untuk dipandang.

Seorang gadis yang sinarnya bagaikan matahari, berdiri disana
Ia mengulurkan tangannya sambil tersenyum dan berkata

“Semuanya akan baik-baik saja, aku akan memusnahkan kegelapan mu.
Dan aku akan merubah sosokmu menjadi burung.”

“Terbang lah dengan bebas, lepas ke langit-langit sana
Jika kamu tidak memiliki tujuan, ikut lah dengan ku.”
Burung putih itu pun mengepakkan sayapnya, mengikuti gadis itu.

Masih banyak kegelapan yang menunggu agar diselamatkan
Dan gadis tersebut mengulurkan tangannya untuk membantu semua.

Ditemani dengan langit yang ditutupi oleh burung-burung putih
Lama kelamaan, sosok gadis itu berubah menjadi segelap malam

Tubuhnya sudah dikonsumsi oleh kegelapan,
Dan seiring kekuatannya terkuras, ia menjadi dingin.
Burung-burung yang berduka pun mulai meresap kegelapannya.

Diantara burung-burung hitam yang menutupi seluruh langit,
Dia yang bersinar bagaikan emas bernama Soleil.

6 Male Vocaloid; SHOOT ON TOKYO! – Indonesian Lyrics

6 Male Vocaloid-SHOOT ON TOKYO! Indonesian Lyrics

Cakewielder is back! Sorry for not posting anything these past few days, been a busy weekend D: here’s my latest work with TraViSubZ, a song featuring six male vocaloid. Enjoy!

Tidak, Tidak, tak ada yang bisa menjangkau, Kota tak kenal tidur itu
Ya, sepertinya tak ada lagi yang bisa menghentikan kita

Tuan Putri
Ciri Khas. Sayang ku?

Di pertemuan Stasiun Shibuya bawah tanah yang memulai segalanya
Di dalam sempitnya kereta,
yang seakan-seakan bisa meledak kapan saja
Kamu yang berada di sisi ku begitu dekat… Berikan tanda bahaya!

Kotorilah aku
Lebih, lebih Imut lagi
Lebih, lebih Seksi lagi
AH Rusakkanlah aku
Lebih, lebih intens lagi
Tembaklah, Tembaklah
Ke kota Tokyo yang terus berubah itu
Tembaklah, Tembaklah
Dengan kecepatan tinggi
Majulah, Majulah

Tapi jangan tinggalkan aku ketika aku berdiri sendiri
Karena ‘ku ingin melekat denganmu begitu kuat
Agar pandanganku tidak terhalangi kepadamu,
akan ‘ku runtuhkan dinding pertahananmu

AH Telanjangilah aku
Lebih, lebih Kotor lagi
Lebih, lebih Manis lagi
AH Celupkan aku
Lebih, lebih ingin ‘ku merasakannya
Tembaklah, Tembaklah
Ke gelombang rasa kesedihan kesepian ini
Waktu mepet, Waktu mepet
Waktu terus menekanku
Laksanakanlah, Laksanakanlah

Meski aku terjatuh menyerah, aku tak perlu khawatir, kan?
Karena aku ingin hidup hanya untuk memelukmu
Peganglah janjiku ‘tuk terus melindungimu
Hilangkan kecemasanmu dalam sekejap

Tembaklah, Tembaklah
‘Ku terus mencari bintang-bintang di langit malam Tokyo-
-Yang terjatuh, Yang terjatuh
Apa kau juga lihat bintangnya? Aku ‘kan berharap kepadanya
Demi cinta abadi, Aku bersumpah, Aku mencintaimu
Aku tak peduli dimana itu, asalkan kamu ada disisiku

Tembaklah, Tembaklah
Ke kota Tokyo yang terus berubah itu
Tembaklah, Tembaklah
Dengan kecepatan tinggi
Majulah, Majulah

Tapi jangan tinggalkan aku ketika aku berdiri sendiri
Karena ‘ku ingin melekat denganmu begitu kuat
Agar pandanganku tidak terhalangi kepadamu,
akan ‘ku runtuhkan dinding pertahananmu

Heart Guardian

This heart of mine does not speak,
Does not listen,
In a conventional way.
It has left me wounding so many times.
Although I’d never blame the other party,
For that is my own

Thus I’ll keep my heart far and safe,
And I’ll pay the price that is my true self
For the sake of those
Who seek out for it.
Shouldn’t the world be a better place?
Please let me be
The only shoulder to ever bear this pain.

I’m not afraid of love.

Sometimes, I wish we weren’t in love in the first place.

I never really regret how “us” started; a fateful, unarranged meeting of two pairs of eyes that never met before. To keep it short, it was a perfect prologue to any love story. I appreciated your presence, although previously, that’s because I was in a state of a crippling loneliness. But then, as time passed, something inside of me started to learn to appreciate your presence just because it was there–I no longer needed a reason to fall for you.

Regardless, even though my feelings were outside of my control, I had to be ready to give up on you. And when the time was right, you came to me and remind me how things between us could get even better. I squeezed out every bit of courage to stop you mid-sentence, and said,

“But you don’t want to be with me. I’ll just end up hurting you.”

In all honesty, you should’ve taken my advice and let me be, for words that came from someone who lacked the confidence of a heart that’s never been broken are often wise. A person like that could never return something as delicate and pure as love without a catch. You could try, but it’s a waste; because you could never change their past, and you’ll just grow to hate it, eventually.

Maybe, I’m not afraid of love. But I am afraid of not being loved back.

So, the next time you hear those words, save yourself, and run.